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What is Wine and Painting Classes?

We are a paint and sip business that holds public and private and corporate events at local inns and restaurants in Vermont and New York, and at a local studio in Manchester, Vermont.  Classes are taught by fine artist Kate Franklin and her assistants. 


We also offer private parties at the location of your choice!  We can come to your home, office, church, clubhouse, or any other location. Events that we host are birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team building events, bridal showers, re-unions and more!


We'll bring all of the art supplies, you just have to provide the space and refreshments. We ask that you move any furniture out of the way before we arrive if we will be setting up our own tables. We can bring up to 3 6ft folding tables. We ask you to provide chairs or stools. There is no charge to bring tables, we just need some strong arms to help carry them in and out!  


A flyer will be created for all public and private events and shared on our website and on Facebook. There is no charge for this. 


We require a minimum of 10 paid seats. Parties run between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the painting chosen for the event. For events within Manchester, prices are $35 per person for a 2-hour painting and $45 per person for a 3-hour painting. For events outside of Manchester, the price is the same, but there is a traveling fee determined by your location. We arrive to set up 45 min-one hour in advance. 


Do I have to be artistic to attend or host a party?

Absolutely not! We will walk you through the steps to create your vision of the painting, and you will be surprised at what your inner artist produces! 


Are we allowed to bring food and beverage?

If the event is at your location, you can eat and drink anything you please! If it’s held at an Inn, drinks may be purchased. Substantial appetizers are usually included in the purchase price, and any additional food may be purchased.  For corporate events at inns or restaurants the food and beverage arrangements are generally made through the venue. 


How do I pick a painting?

You can choose a painting from our website. Some paintings require 3 hrs and therefore are priced at the higher amount of 45.00/person. Most require 2 hrs and cost 35.00/person. We will also do a special request painting at no additional charge as long as it is something we feel we can use on the website. We will let you know if the subject will require 2 or 3 hrs. 2 weeks notice is required for a special request. Please contact Kate at Wine and Painting Classes for more information. 


What type of paint is used?

Acrylic paint, which is water based, and non toxic, is used for all painting on all surfaces. 


Do you paint on anything besides canvas?

We offer painting on 16 x 20 inch canvases, painting on wine glasses, and wood. A different size canvas can be ordered in advance if you prefer. We also offer certain subjects, such as wine glass or wine botte paintings and some florals, for example,  on a 12 x 24inch canvas.


What should I wear?

Wine and Painting Classes provides aprons, but we suggest that your wear comfortable clothing unless you are booking a dressy event. We will do our best to keep your outfit clean!!


What ages can attend public events?

We do have children's classes/private parties available, but the normal public classes have the following requirements: 13 to 17 years old at discretion of their guardian. 18 years old and up at their own discretion. Twenty-one years old is the minimum drinking age and we will ID


Do you do fundraisers?

Yes we do! Wine and Painting Classes will create a flyer free of charge for the event that is then emailed to you for printing and distributing at your discretion.  We also provide advertising through the studio, our website, and Facebook.  Any additional advertising will be at your organizations discretion.  Booking the event 4-6 weeks in advance is suggested to allow ample time for people to learn about the event and sign-up so you have the highest turn-out possible.

Wine and Painting Classes will collect payment from your guests through online ticket sales through our secure website or facebook event.  We will then pay the fundraising proceeds to your organization on the night of the event based on the number of people who purchased tickets.


The process is simple... you pick a date, venue, painting, and ticket price. Anything over 25.00 per person goes to your organization.  Please note that the dates are first come, first serve, so the sooner you decide, the more likely you are to get your first or second choice! 


Cancelation Policy:

A full refund will be issued if notification of cancellation occurs at least 48 hours before the class start., via email to Cancelation in less than 48 hrs will be issued a credit that can be used within 90 days. 

This cancellation policy applies to parties of 2 or less. For cancellation of a party of 3 or more, a minimum of one week's notice is required for a refund or to reschedule.


If inclement weather causes us to cancel class, you will receive a credit in the amount that you paid for your class seat that can be applied towards a seat in a future public class of your choice. You also may request a refund via email up to 24 hours past the start time of the canceled class. No refunds will occur if your request is not received via email 24 hours after the canceled class. If our event is on and is and you choose to not come to class due to inclement weather in your area, we will issue you a complimentary credit in the amount you paid to be used at another public event within 90 days.